sipvicious about


Display information about the SIPVicious

What it does

Shows the SIPVicious mascot, version and license

Tool functionality

This command displays the SIPVicious PRO mascot for those terminals that can render it, and the connoisseurs who can appreciate it. Additionally, it displays the version and license information.

Command format

sipvicious about

Flags inherited from parent commands

  -C, --config string    configuration file to use (may be JSON, TOML or YAML)
      --debug            set log level to debug
      --logfile string   specify a log filename

Flag: config

Specify a configuration file which may be a JSON, TOML and YAML config format. To get the default settings and figure out which settings are available, one may run the sipvicious utils dump config command. This is typically used to create a template configuration that can then be edited as need be.

These settings may be overwritten when the corresponding flag is explicitly set, if one is present.

Flag: debug

Tells the logger to print out debug messages.

Flag: logfile

When the logfile flag is specified, a log file is created in the location specified and logs are generated in this file instead of being sent to standard output. If the filename ends with a .json file extension, then the output format is in JSON, otherwise it defaults to text format.